What started as a hobby
turned into an obsession.

Custom low amp draw LEDs are the new alternative to conventional incandescent lighting. The light quality is cleaner and the heat energy saved = battery life saved.

We have done quite a bit of R&D with several bowfishing veterans and the light spectrum needed to shoot fish in any water condition. We have developed a new chipset and paired it with a conventional housing to create the new TRUE WARM edition LED light. Imagine fishing without generators!

Everyone gets tired of holding that spotlight on a 25 degree morning while heading to that secret hole. Our DuckLites and bar lights are perfect for running timber and rivers. They will keep your fingers warm and your eyes on the prize.

We also sell almost any type of LED fixture you can imagine.

We carry our house brand of lighting that comes with a full one year warranty and all repairs are done at SeeLite headquarters

We guarantee that SeeLite can tackle all of your custom lighting needs for this hunting season and the rest to come. On the trails or the water you will be the envy of your buddies.